Is Will Smith the hero that womxn need?

Will Smith stood up for women's rights and the honor of us all last night. It wasn't just about him. It was about us - it was about me.

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7 genders that are IN this Winter (and 3 that are out)

Snow is piling and Xmas is coming. You can hear the jingle in the bells. Now it's time to decide what gender is the best fit for you this snowy year!

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Five budgeting tips so you can donate to both BLM and Ukraine despite rising cost of living

It can get pretty exhausting, specifically on your wallet, to support everyone and everything that makes it into the news. Let us give back with some tips.

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How to be a feminist even though you haven’t had an abortion

In a period where Republicans are trying to deny us the right to get rid of a baby, it's easy to tell who isn't a feminist by who hasn't had an abortion.

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Five reasons to get an abortion

As Republicans close in on taking women's right to exist away, we know you may be on the fence to kill that baby so here's 5 reasons why you should!

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