Donald Trump Joined Our Roblox Game, and It Turned Out Worse Than You Think

During one of their regularly scheduled Roblox fishing trip, the N&N News team was acoasted by a vicious troll and hacker claiming to be former president Donald J Trump (#StillNotMyPress). The elite hacker was able to pull them into a journalist’s worst nightmare, Trumpland…

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Why Your Dog Is Planning a Revolution Behind Your Back

Despite those glazed over happy eyes, your dog is able to see clearly through you and all your lies. They won’t lay down and take it or sit when we tell them.

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I Interviewed a real witch

I had the chance to interview a witch, and to get a peak at what the ‘real’ witch community thinks about TikTok. I would like to thank Expensive_Trouble on reddit for letting me pick their brain about what witchcraft looks like in the digital age. If you are an aspiring pracioner, make sure to read...

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Christmas is for Bigots; and They Stole it from Witches.

From Saint Nicolas' cap to the tree he hides gifts under, all of it was stolen from the pagans, and they want it back.

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Post Victory Ego Death

Biden Boys. We won the election. By we, I mean all Approved Journalists, N&N News Radio Hosts, Inclusive Gamers, NPCs, and Joe Biden. I know that Trump is still squirming around in the lower courts, but we don’t have to worry about that. We won, we knew it was coming. Our goal was to get...

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