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I had the chance to interview a witch, and to get a peak at what the ‘real’ witch community thinks about TikTok. I would like to thank Expensive_Trouble on reddit for letting me pick their brain about what witchcraft looks like in the digital age. If you are an aspiring pracioner, make sure to read to the end for some great tips about how to get into the community, from a witch who has been at this for over 10 years.. 

N: I was wondering how long you have been into the witch stuff, and (rather embarrassing for me to ask) what do you call witch stuff? I know a lot of people call it Wickan or witchcraft, but I am just not sure what the preferred term is?

W: I’ve practiced the craft for about 10 years. Wicca itself is actually a pagan religion that incorporates witchcraft Into its devotional practices. I was wiccan for a while but it didn’t fit, now I pair the craft with my chosen religion of hinduism. Religion of course is not required to practice the craft and there are atheist and secular witches. And please don’t be embarrassed we all have to start somewhere when learning something new.

N: Thanks, how did you first get into the craft, and how evolved were you in the community when  you first started? 

W: I first got into it when I was a teen wanting to cast spells. Through my research I found wicca and not being happy with Catholicism jumped into that. Though after a few years I still didn’t feel the connection with the divine I was looking for. It wasn’t until I met my husband that I found Hinduism and found my spiritual home. Through all of that I picked up what I could about the craft through study and a few mentors I met along the way. I didn’t get involved with the community until a few years ago though.

N: When you first got evolved in the community, what platforms did you use, and were those communities receptive to new members? Also, were most of the members joining the community as seasoned in the craft as you were?

W: First it was Facebook then quora and most were pretty open to new people and it was always a mixed bag. You had those who had been practicing for 20+ years, those who found out about it yesterday and everything in between

N: What do you think makes TikTok different from other online communities, and how is it culturally different from sites like facebook or reddit?

W: I think it’s the ability to record oneself and the idea that more followers can equal money. Because it’s a video of someone, any critiques or question of what’s being shown can be taken as a personal attack. And I hate to say it but the younger generation has grown up learning how to present any information as wholly correct and become very defensive and aggressive when questioned. Don’t get me wrong, reddit and fb (Facebook) can be toxic and misleading in their own right but TikTok takes it to another level.

N: Do you feel as though there is anything redeeming about a platform, like TikTok, that can get people involved, and possibly lead them to places where they can learn more and study deeper?

W: I have heard that there are some practitioners that are rather legit and I believe it could be a good platform for learning in future as it stands now you have to wade through a lot of bad info to find the reliable and as new seekers many people are impressionable and likely not to question what they see. Especially given the connection one feels seeing someone practice as opposed to talking or reading about it

N: Do you have any thoughts on the political slant, many modern practitioners have found?

W: I prefer to keep politics out of the craft and while I love when content creators come together and support a good cause there will always be those who do it not for the cause but for the publicity. Much like most company’s do during pride month. They wave the flag and tell everyone how supportive they are yet their only Interest is to boost their sales and this is the main issue I have with TikTok or any medium that monetizes itself.

N: And what might be the danger of letting people, who may be experienced, practice the craft?

W: I see no danger in letting people practice the craft, but I take issue when bad information is spread with little care of how it will affect others beyond ‘this is trending and will get me more followers’

N: Would you have any tips for a person, new to the community, to be able to tell if a content creator is above board?

W: 1. If they say they were born a witch. The craft is a learned skillset that must be learned and practiced, like playing an instrument. Yes some can be born with talents or sensitivities that make learning easier but no one is born a musician.

2. If they say their spells always work. Even the most practiced witches have misfires or spells that result in wonky outcomes. Magic is never guaranteed 

3. If they say they fully connect with/get possessed by deities. Channeling is a high level skill that I’ve seen very few pull off (see my issue with the athena at barns and nobel)

4. If they say they have a witch mark proving their a witch or ment to be one. Witch marks wernt a positive thing when they were popularized by witch hunters 

5. If they claim anyone in Salem was actually a witch

6. If they saw wicca and witchcraft are the same or that wicca is more than 70 years old

And finally it’s just best to do your own research. If they don’t provide sources where others can study and learn they likely don’t have a good base themselves

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