WitchTok, The Viral Trend That Will Save America, With Witchcraft

With the way 2020 is going, witchcraft seems like the least crazy solution. Luckily, these trending Tik Tok witches are here to be America's Glinda.


What is WitchTok

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WitchTok is the name of the witch subculture that has formed on the popular social media app, TikTok. With the help of another kind of black magic, the algorithm, the number of trending self-proclaimed pagan practitioners has sky-rocketed. Many have seen the rise in witches as just another quirk of this bizarre year we call 2020. However, others are welcoming all the help we can get fighting for equality in America. Surprisingly, one of the biggest groups pushing against the rise of WitchTok is other witches. As crazy it sounds, magic may be a viable option for dealing with our current crisis. If it’s not, then at least these noble spell casters are trying.

Are They Good Witches

In general, if you were to survey the witches of TikTok, they would likely identify with a good enlightenment. It is common to see channels that focus on protection/self-love based spell jars and incantations. More than that – they support good causes. On TikTok specifically, many witch influences have shown their support for BLM and the protestors. Although, ethics in witchcraft is a heavily debated topic in the witch community. Some feel that to be a good witch you need to be a so-called “fluffy bunny“. This means firm adherence to the Threefold law.  However, others think you can be an ethical witch, without being a fully white witch. That seems to be where the witches of TikTok fall in, they are trying to do whatever they can to help those in need. If that does not make them a good witch, well maybe it’s OK to be bad.

Is Their Help Wanted

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They seem to have the best intentions. However, not everyone in the witch community has accepted these new trendies into the fold. Some seasoned witches have accused those making mystical content on TikTok to be bandwagoning. By this they mean that these new witches are just in it for show, and don’t actually know or care about the powers they are messing with. A practitioner I spoke to on reddit, Expensive Trouble, drew into question the validity of some of the claims many of these influencers have made. They had gotten into the craft as a teen, which parallels many people in the  WitchTok fansbase. However, for them, the journey was initially a more spiritual one. The biggest suggestion they had for young witches who are interested in getting involved is for them to do their own research. These new witches are just young and naive, and should be given a break. They should find witchy communities online that focus on expanding knowledge over getting likes. However, for that to happen, these communities would need to let them in. 

Are They Our Last Hope

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Almost every TikTok community has found a way to rally for social justice. The magic community is no different. Not only have they been training people how to make spell jars for protection, but some have even taken drastic steps to seek vengeance for George Floyd. However, some more experienced witches have brought into question the morality of mass-hexing police officers. Nevertheless, the community as a whole has taken a stand in support of BLM. This is not the first time that the denizens of Witchtok have helped us with magic though. There have been several covenants on online witches with the sole purpose of protecting us from the president. Also before the Kavanaugn snuck into the supreme court, witches organized an event to put a hex on him. They did all this without asking for any thanks, they simply used the tools and forces at their disposal to do what they thought was right. This country needs more people who are willing to take these matters into their own hands. People who are willing to make a stand for what they believe in. If a bunch of witches on TikTok are the only ones willing to do that, then witchcraft might just be our last shot at saving this country.

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