So you’re a racist, what’s the next step.


So you’re a racist, what’s the next step?

You read the title, you know why you clicked. You have finally overcome the hardest part of any recovery journey, admitting you have a problem. Congratulations! We are proud of you! However, now you have to take the next step to a better, more progressive future. I will tell you though, before you take these important steps to racism recovery, to both mentally and physically prepare yourself. I suggest starting with a sustainably sourced juice cleanse. This will not only physically rid your body of harmful toxins, but it will also prepare you for the gruelling reparations ahead. I also suggest taking the time during the juice cleanse to practice meditation, as you will need to be spiritually sound for the arduous journey ahead.

Day 1 of the Racism Cleanse

You will start today the same way that you will start every day from now on. Create an entry in your mindfulness journal, we have listed amazon links for your convenience in picking up the supplies you need. For your first entry in your mindfulness journal, you are going to write a list of all of the POCs you know personally. This list will be important later, so make sure to laminate it if you can. Next, after spending about an hour compiling the list, you have now earned an hour of TV time! Make sure to only watch Journalist Approved media, as any other media may cause regression. You may use your hour of TV time at any point in this day, or week, but be aware they do not roll over to other weeks. Spend the rest of your day as normal, minus anything racist you usually have scheduled. 

Day 2 of the Racism Cleanse

Today you should fill your mindfulness journal with positive progressive affirmations. Write things like: “I will no longer be racist” or “voting blue is what I will do.” have fun coming up with your own. After this, look at the list you journaled yesterday; today you are going to take that list, and give a random POC on your list a call. Be cordial and kind, of course. Ask them how their week is going, ask if they need any help around the house, someone to take out the garbage. They may be apprehensive at first, but tell them about the Cleanse and they will welcome you with open arms. Do whatever they need. This is what we call reparations, it’s best you get used to it, as it’s the only real way to cleanse yourself of racism. For this task you get a whole 2 hours of TV time, use it wisely. 

Day 3 of the Racism Cleanse

Today you are halfway done with your journey, congrats! For many, day 3 can be the hardest, it’s the hump they need to get over. You may be going through racism withdrawal. Symptoms can include, but are not limited to: using racial epithets, such as *****, ***, *****, *******, ****, or ****, being republican, having disdain for Joe Biden or even anyone related to the Obama presidency, or regretting paying reparations. If  you are feeling any of these symptoms, that’s ok, you can get through them. Today’s journal entry is a special one, you are going to list everything you will be able to do as a non racist. Examples may be: feeling safe in an urban area, going to see a movie with a POC lead, or watching interacial pornography. Once you have compiled a short list of a hundred or so goals, pick your favorite and make a dream board with pictures of where you can be once you are over this racism thing. This is its own reward, so you get no extra TV time today. 

Day 4 of the Racism Cleanse

Today you should be proud, you got past day 3. Be careful with this pride, pride corrupts, racial pride is never ok. Today’s journal entry can be a tough one. You are going to make a two column list, one side is people who can stay in your life, the other side is people that must be cut out. You have to divide your friends and family accordingly, If someone is problematic they go on the do not interact side. Find racially positive people and put them on the keep side, keep them close and cherish them. Today you need to pay reparations in a more literal way. Flip to the POC list you created on day 1, the one you laminated, and call as many people on there as you can. Tell them you would like to pay reparations, and give them however much they seem appropriate. You get an hour of TV for every 100 dollars you give. 

Day 5 of the Racism Cleanse

Today you are finally on the last day of your cleanse! You did it! You are no longer racist. Today you go through your mindfulness journal and remember all the tasks you have done. Remember these tasks, and remember you can repeat these tasks whenever you feel you are having a relapse, or just want some more TV time. Write a personal one page reflection. When you are done, post your reflection in the comments of this article! I would love to hear how you felt while you were cleansing your soul of racism.

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