What Goes in My Protest Bag

Do you never know what to bring to protest? Don't worry, we did the thinking for you. By packing these simple things, you'll be set for any protest.



Close-up photo of glass full of water

It is important that you always stay hydrated. Just because you are a big strong protestor, does not mean you don’t need your H20. I suggest a good BPA free water bottle. Make sure it is reusable, or you might as well be protesting for the other side.

A Light Snack

Top View Photo Of Granola Bars

Protesting all day can build up quite the appetite. It is important that your snack is something that you can eat on the run. Therefore, a homemade granola bar will do wonders. Filling your bag with this is also a great way to make friends with your fellow protesters. Note: do not bring these on a hunger strike.


Photo of Boy Drinking Glass of Milk

You may be surprised to find out that this milk is not for drinking. If things at your peaceful protest get out of hand, and you get pepper sprayed. Don’t sweat it, because sweat can spread the pepper spray around your face. In order to make the burning stop, just use milk liberally.

Your Mask

Health Workers Wearing Face Mask

I know at this point, forgetting your mask is like forgetting your car keys, however, it is still important that you remember this essential on protest night. Not only will it protect your identity, but it will protect you from Covid. If you somehow don’t have a mask, just make one using my guide.

Lighter, for Cigarettes or Whatever

Person Holding Lighted Lighter

I get it, smoking is bad for you, but it is hard to look cool in your protest pictures if you are not lighting up. I would just pack your lighter, so you can have a puff or two for a picture. If you end up needing your lighter for anything else, you will be happy you bought it.

Tools, for Incidental Repairs

Tool Set on Plank

Nothing would be worse then if your car broke down on the way to the protest right. Just make sure you pack antiquity tools to make any and all incidental repairs. If you end up using these tools for anything else, I disavow it.

A Coat in Case it Gets Cold

Man Wearing Brown Coat

Without trying to sound too parental, it can get kind of chilly at these late night protests. It is always good to pack an extra layer or two. If you don’t end up using it, it’s not a big deal, but it’s better to have it and not need it.You can also use it in a pinch to cover your eyes and face to defend against tear gas.

Spray Paint

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Paint.png

You never know when the inspiration for your next great sign will hit you. If you bring spray paint, you will be able to make new signs on the spot. Since counties often introduce ordinances against the sale of paint around protest, make sure to bring your own.

Drink Mix-ins

Group of People Doing Cheers

Just because you are protesting injustice, does not mean you can’t have fun too. You won’t need to bring your own liquor, as that can be acquired locally. All you need to do is bring the Margarita mix, and a few limes to garnish. Like bringing snacks this is a great way to make protest besties.

Your Phone

Silver Iphone 6

You may not know it, but your most valuable tool for change is likely in your hands right now. That’s right, you can use your phone to record every gritty detail of the protest. Make sure to live tweet what is happening, so people who can’t come to the protest can feel involved. If you are the fickle type, you can also skip the protest, and just use your phone to do an online demonstration.

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