What You Should and Shouldn’t Wear This Halloween

We will go through 10 of the most popular costumes this year, and tell you whether or not you are allowed to wear them.

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RBG Outfit

Amazon.com: Judge Halloween RBG Costume, for Kids Ruth Bader Ginsburg Costume Accessories, Children's Supreme Court Justice Robe: Clothing

FAB, this costume is the ideal way to dress your kids this Halloween. Furthermore, it is a beautiful tribute to the late supreme court justice. Make sure to hop on this costume trend before RBG becomes irrelevant. If you want to make your own child parade around as a politician, follow this DIY costume guide.

Native American

Carnival Indian Costume - Free photo on Pixabay

DRAB, it almost goes without saying that this costume is not appropriate. However, every year some edgy white celebrity decides to make this fashion faux pa. This costume is a prime example of cultural appropriation, and should be avoided at all costs.


woman, black, witch costume, adult, body, costume, cute, evil, female, girl | Pxfuel

DRAB, as a witch, I find these costumes very offensive. This costume is an example of cultural miss-representation. Real witches hate the offensive caricatures that the media has been pushing. Halloween is our holiday, and yet so many muggles seem to use the holiday to mock us. If you dress up as a witch, you are basically taking part in magical blackface.

Funny Donald Trump Outfit

Donald Trump Claims He Made Juneteenth 'Very Famous' • Hollywood Unlocked

FAB, do we really need to explain why a costume making fun of Trump is perfect. Just don your favorite Trump mask and make a fool out of yourself and the president.


Young Black Man Wearing Mummy Costume High-Res Stock Video Footage - Getty Images

This costume is fine.

Sexy Cop

Sexy police woman — Stock Photo © dubassy #40645355

DRAB, this classic costume is cancelled this year. With America’s turbulent relationship with law enforcement, fetishsizing fascists seems like a bad choice. It is time we defund the sexy police, and send the perps to fashion jail.

Sexy Dragon Boy

Free flying dragon Images, Pictures, and Royalty-Free Stock Photos - FreeImages.com

FABthis year Zoom Trick or Treating is the new craze. Make sure you are ready with a virtual costume. I know I will be virtually manifesting a dragon this year. Come out and show your other-kin side to the world. Halloween is the one time every year where you can safely experiment.



DRAB, the K word has often been used in order to silence women. This Halloween they are trying to sell you that sexism in the form of a mask. While many who see this mask see a monster, all I see is a strong woman who is not going to let the world stomp on her goals. If this sort of strength scares you, then you are the real monster.

A Mask

Halloween Tips for Spooky (and Safe) Fun During the Coronavirus Pandemic | Johns Hopkins Medicine

FAB, it is important to wear a mask this Halloween. Even if you are abstaining from the spooky, make sure that you still keep the mask on for the entirety of the holiday.

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