Labor Day is Capitalist Propaganda

Labor day is more than a Monday off, it is a tool used to lull the working class into a false sense of security.

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Its Dark History

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Upon first glance, Labor Day’s history seems perfectly fine. However when you start digging deeper into the roots of this holiday, you find it has a dark past. It all started with a growing interest in America surrounding May Day, an international holiday that celebrates workers rights. As an alternative, Labor Day was started in New York City in 1882 by local union leaders. However they did not work alone, they were under the watchful eye of Uncle Sam. They pitched it to workers as a celebration of the unions, but in reality they did it to stop interest in further unionization. Furthermore, it quickly became connected to this false sense of patriotism. Suddenly it shifted, from celebrating workers, to celebrating national pride. This came to no surprise to the union leaders. In fact, they had planned for this to happen.

Who Gets the Day Off

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For a holiday pitched as a day off for workers, it seems a lot of people are still forced to work. The only places that close on labor day are government buildings. The corrupt government is using this holiday as an excuse to take a day off, while so many workers are forced to toil away their Monday in awful conditions. It seems that the only people who have the day off are the rich Bourgeoisie. White collar fascists get to take a vacation and gawk at all the minimum wage workers selling ice cream. It is an affront to the budding socialists who trusted their union leaders.  They built this holiday to curtail the growing socialist movement in America, yet I don’t know if they know how successful this holiday would become at stomping the spirits of the Proletariat.

Covid Crisis

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You would be surprised how little Covid has affected Labor Day Celebrations. For example, in places like Florida, we are seeing beaches completely packed, despite the growing pandemic. Meanwhile, no one is wearing masks, or keeping 6 feet apart. The fact is, Labor Day could cause us to have another wave of this virus. Experts are reporting that the way we handle this weekend could be the difference between us surviving Fall, or succumbing to the pandemic. In conclusion, even if you ignore all of the evidence about Labor Day being anti-worker, you cannot ignore that this year we should just skip it.

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Harrison Wolgrom

No. Its not. Let us have a day off you entitled prick.

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