What Your Animal Crossing Lawn Signs Say About You

IRL yard signs are often used to show your support for everything from BLM to Joe Biden, why should things be any different in Animal Crossing. Here are 5 yard signs you need in your game.

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1. BLM Sign


This is a must have sign for anyone who is an active anti-racist. As a result, if someone does not have at least one BLM sign in their village, they are part of the problem. This sign is a great opportunity to show the world that you care about black issues. However, it is important that you don’t put this sign in front of just any villager’s house. To avoid harmful stereotypes, avoid putting it in Monty’s front lawn, or other villagers that are the same species. Ignoring this rule is actually a coded dog whistle used by members of the alt right to signal to other racists that their island is a safe haven for hate.

2. Joe Biden Campaign Sign


Get yourself a pair of aviators, Biden gear, and this attractive lawn sign to complete the Biden Boi look. This digital swag is a great way for you to show your support for Biden during the pandemic. Honestly, Nintendo should include these signs as default designs. As a person who already has Biden signs in their real yard, this is a great way to digitize my support. However, keep an eye out for Pro-Trump designs, and report them immediately.

3. Gay Pride Flag


A gay pride flag is a much needed addition to any Animal Crossing town. This is because the game lacks any real JLBTQ representation. Having a pride flag is a great way to make up for the diversity problem that the villagers face. Furthermore, this is by far the easiest flag to make. If you have to copy these designs by hand it makes a great first project. However if you are too lazy to make one yourself, you can always download an existing design. Since the design is so simple, it is easy to make a custom flag that fits your personal identity.

4. Feminist Pride Sign


Nothing shows strength like a pixelated fist. At first glance, it may be a bit hard to tell that this glob of pixels is supposed to be a fist. However with a combination of imagination and squinting, the image is instantly recognizable. Regardless of how it is rendered, the message it sends is very clear. It tells the world that you derive strength from your femininity and that you are not to be trifled with. Beyond its empowering aura, it allows you to show the world that you support feminism. As a result, this design is a must have for all you Katie stans.

5. Journalist Excellence Worldwide


In the gaming community, journophobia is rampant. Using this sign is a great way to show the world that you are an ethical gamer. Furthermore, this stylish design will fit perfectly into any town. While I am legally compelled to show support for my parent site Journalism Excellence Worldwide, I can assure you that I would still fully endorse this lawn decor, even if I was not under the watchful eye of Lawyer Andy. No neighborhood is complete without this plaque.

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