Stop Questioning Kamala Harris, It’s Sexist

If you feel the need to constantly question Kamala Harris' qualifications, it just means that you are afraid of strong women.

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She’s Historic

Kamala Harris | U.S. Senator Kamala Harris at a fundraiser h… | Flickr

Kamala Harris is such a historic vice presidential candidate that the media needs to change how they cover this election. As the first WOC VP, she has to be treated differently, so that things can be equal and fair. For example, word choice is very important when dealing with a candidate from a marginalized group. When talking about Kamala is it important to avoid words like phony and unqualified because these words work to reinforce negative stereotypes. Furthermore, even questioning her qualifications does a disservice to the black community. As allies, we have to trust black voices, and not bring into question their legitimacy.

She’s Qualified

Kamala Harris | U.S. Senator Kamala Harris speaking with att… | Flickr

Despite what the alt-right says about her, she is fully qualified for the presidency. The fact that major news outlets have to report on this shows the uphill battle that Kamala has had to face her whole career. Kamala Harris is qualified to be president. The fact is, she literally went to Harvard, while protesting on the weekends. She has extensive experience in law enforcement, which she can use to help guide the reformation of the police. Despite being clearly overqualified, her credentials are under constant scrutiny.

Asking Her Questions Is Sexist

File:Kamala Harris with women - Feb 2020.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

If you need to ask if she is qualified, than you are bigot. The fact is, you would not apply the same scrutiny to a male politician. So many young black women look up to Kamala. As a result, any attack against her is a hate crime. However, all this does not mean that you can’t ask her any questions. It just means that you need to have a certain reverence when asking them. Think about why you want to ask the question in the first place. Is the question designed as a “gotcha“, to catch the person off guard? The alt-right will often use bad faith questions as a way to try and delegitimize  marginalized voices. It is important to ask questions, but not to question.

Read more about this, click here.

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Norm Wilson

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Sol Duggales

No Norm, you’re supposed to be a journalist. You question everything. That is literally the point of journalism. Have you even looked into her prosecutorial record or her views on criminal justice reform?

As California’s attorney general from 2011 to 2017, she refused to endorse a 2015 bill calling for a special prosecutor to investigate deadly police shootings. She also rejected calls from civil rights groups to investigate deadly police shootings in Los Angeles and San Francisco after the 2014 murder of Michael Brown. Another example of her involvement was that of Jamal Trulove, who served more than six years in prison on a murder charge related to a 2007 shooting. He was acquitted in a 2015 retrial. A state appeals court judge declared in 2014 that false statements against Trulove made by Harris’ prosecutorial office had likely prejudiced the jury. Trulove sued the city and county of San Francisco. In 2018 a jury found that police officers fabricated evidence against him and withheld exculpatory evidence.

After the events surrounding George Floyd’s murder it is issues like these that will cause younger progressive voters to question voting for the Biden-Harris ticket, especially in combination with Biden’s support for the 1994 crime bill and his statements recently regarding increasing police funding.

Moving on from that, you also have her stance on prosecuting the parents of regularly being truant, even amid criticism that the policy disproportionately targeted low-income people of color. She sent letters to San Francisco public school parents each year, threatening them with citations for truancy, and sponsored a 2010 law to make it a misdemeanor for parents whose children miss 10 percent of school a year without a good excuse (her office was responsible for deciding what would be classed as a good excuse). The punishment was a $2,000 fine, jail or both. Instead of trying to support those people she decided to demonise them and do the only thing a prosecutor knows how to do; send them to prison.

Harris also opposed a state initiative to soften minimum mandatory sentences — even though the criminal justice reform plan she rolled out while running for president called for their end. Harris opposed an initiative in the state to legalize marijuana, despite now supporting such legislation. During her tenure as attorney general, at least 1,560 people were thrown behind bars for marijuana-related offenses from 2011 to 2016.

And finally, while it’s not linked to her past as a prosecutor, there’s merit in looking at her stance on medicare for all. She initially co-sponsored the bill in the Senate in August 2017, with veryone supporting Sanders’ views on making healthcare affordable. However, during the Democratic presidential primaries, Harris explained that she has “not been comfortable” with the healthcare plan written by Sanders, speaking at a Hamptons fundraiser to corporate executives and one-percenters.

The Biden-Harris ticket is being criticised by right-wing lunatics for being the most leftist, socialist, communist ticket in history. That is pure comedy gold seeing as how Biden and Harris were the 2 of the most conservative leaning nominees in the Democratic presidential primaries. Leftists questioning them isn’t about “gotcha” moments, it’s about getting to understand exactly what they are going to do should they win. And from what they are saying it looks like their ticket is essentialy Republican-lite.

sol duggales

explain how i’m wrong, do your supposed job as a journalist and enlighten me

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