Why Canada Needs to Just Annex Us Already

The United States sucks. We should celebrate Canada day, so that they let they get the hint and just absorb the US already.

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Why is Canada Already Great

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First of all, Canada has no Trump. Believe it or not, this has been enough of a reason for many Americans who have used Canada as a Trump free sanctuary. Beyond their lack of Trump. Canada has many great things on offer for immigrants. They have everything from free healthcare, to proactive trans-protective laws. If you are on the gender spectrum, or any member of the JLGBTQ+ community Canada is much more hospitable than the US. How could you forget, legalized weed. Whether you want to go to Canada for a good time or a long time, the Canadian government has you covered. They plan on letting in over 1 million people in the next couple of years. So get winter clothes ready, there is no better time to move to Canada.

Why Should They Absorb Us

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If Canada is so great, why don’t we just all move there. Sadly, even though they are letting in over a million people, that is just 0.3% of the US population. However, there is still one option, bringing Canada here. It may sound crazy, but the opposite idea, the US annexing Canada, has been in the works since 1866. Why is it so crazy when the tables are turned? Let’s face it, the US has a serious issue with crappy leadership. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to delegate that to the level headed Canadian parliament. Many political analysts think that the pandemic is the perfect time to restructure the government. Canada may never get another shot at this, so it is important that they go for it.

How Can We Make That Happen

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However, they won’t be able to annex the US without the full support of the people of both nations. This is where you come in. Make some noise, tweet about Canada day. Let the people of Canada know that we want them to take control. It would help if we spruced the place up, and dealt with some of this pollution. We can also vote into office politicians that would not oppose Canadian involvement in US affairs. A United North America under Canadian rule is a bright future. Let’s celebrate July 1st and Canada, to show the world that we are ready for our new Canadian Prime Minister.

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