All These Disney Rides Need a Rework or a Tear Down, The Other Parks

There were so many problematic rides that it could not fit into one list, so there we made a sequel. This time we travel to the other Disney parks. Make sure to read the last article if you have not already.

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Gran Fiesta Tour

The Gran Fiesta Tour starring the Three Caballeros at the … | Flickr

You can not get a more blatantly racist ride than this. Furthermore, this racist Mexican stereotype has almost no redeemable qualities. This one is not a rework, it is a tear down.

Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest Track | Train track torn up by the Yeti -… | Flickr

Not only does the ride portray asian culture as uncivilized, dirty, prone to undercook meat, but it also fuels the environment destroying Everest industry. In the days of the sherpa, there was an ethical dilemma about only white people being awarded for climbing Everest. Now, people of all races can climb the mountain, but given the overcrowding, they can’t do it sustainably. The fact is, it has always been problematic to climb Eversest, so a ride idolizing the stunt is a yikes. This is all before you consider how disrespectful the mass marketing of the Yeti is.

It’s Tough to be a Bug!

Hopper at It's Tough To Be A Bug | Loren Javier | Flickr

I do not like it


Dinosaur Sculpture Dinosaur Ride Animal Kingdom | Michael Gray ...

It is not surprising that this ride is a flop, given it’s source material. Like a lot of dinosaur media, this ride needs a serious redesign that more accurately depicts dinosaurs. It may take more time to add all the feathers. but if you are going to exploit the popularity of extinct species, you should be scientifically accurate.

Frozen Ever After

Frozen Ever After | Joel | Flickr

This ride suffers from the same issue as the movie, a lack of POC representation. How hard is it for Disney to add a couple of black snowmen. What is irating, is how easy it would be for Disney to fix the diversity problem that many of their rides and movies face. Kids of all colors watch Disney, and their merchandise and theming need to start reflecting that. I want to suggest that white washed rides like this get rethemed with more POC focused IPs, but there just aren’t very many of those

Spaceship Earth

File:Spaceship Earth 2.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

For a ride about space flight, it fails to mention the involvement of POC women in the history of space. A focus on these ‘Hidden Figures’ of space history, could give the ride a much needed 2020 face lift. As it stands now, this ride is just a crappy white ball.

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster | Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, MGM Studi… | Flickr

Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll is not appropriate for kids. Disney needs to stop promoting drug use. Plus Aerosmith is racist. Instead they need to celebrate the black artist and musicians who made rock music what it is today. 


Starring Donald Duck | They may call it Mickey's Philharmagi… | Flickr

This attraction heavily features known Nazi Donald Duck. That’s right, Donald Duck has literally been seen in a full Nazi uniform. It is surprising that the alt right have not latched on to this little goose stepper more. However, any rides that feature the duck need immediate attention.

Buzz Lightyearparis green amusement park park toy parade toys disneyland screenshot inflatable theme disneyland paris buzz lightyear toy story disney parade

Buzz Lightyear, as a character, is incredibly problematic. There is literally a scene in the movie where he puts on a brown face, by imitating a latino machismo stereotype. Beyond that, a ride that is just glorified target practice is not appropriate for kids. In terms of normalizing gun violence, this ride is equivalent to the pink gun. They should retheme this ride to one of the many strong female characters of the Toy Story universe and remove the shooting element.

Mission Space

Mission: SPACE | A look at Mission: SPACE from 2003. | Steven ...

Space is sexist, Unless your space media is directly challenging the systemic sexism in the space industry, you should not have it. This ride needs a fem-positive overhaul, otherwise they are normalizing the rape of our solar system.

Swiss Family Treehouse

Rope Bridge in Swiss Family Robinson Tree House Magic King… | Flickr

This iron monstrosity displays the peak of euro-centralism, as well as the industrialization of nature. It is a gross excuse for a nature based attraction. To make matters worse, it is ableist. This is one of the few attractions that is completely inaccessible for non-ambulatory folks. They need to address this glaring handicap accessibility oversight, and make the attraction more doable by people of size.


FIGMENT!!! | YEAH FIGMENT!!! I look like such a nerd with my… | Flickr

As a person with a dragon soul, I am very attached to the character Figment. I think this ride is amazing, and might be the only good ride at Disney. However, if I am being honest, it still needs a rework. Disney could update the over 20 year old ride, and make the JLGBTQ themes more overt, instead of hiding them in the closet.

This article would not be possible without the contributions of my good friend William. Please check out his Twitter, Click Here.

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