PCMR Was so Mad I Exposed Them, They Banned Me

I was banned for speaking the truth. If you needed any more proof of the problem with PCMR, this is it. I won't spare any of the details.

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How It Started

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It was an early Saturday morning. Bleary eyed, I had stayed up all night finishing my latest article. I found myself pondering why a PC fan-page would call themselves a “master race”, as that is white supremacist slang popularized by Nazis.  Finally, I posted my article to the website and, while clutching my steaming coffee, decided to check their Reddit, which I had discovered while researching.

What I Found on Their Reddit

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While browsing, I was suprised that their was much less mention of the “Master Race” then I thought there would be. There were some offensive memes, some posts of expensive looking “setups”, there were even some people giving advice on what pc parts to build! The more I looked, the more normal it seemed. These people all seemed reasonable! “Surely, they will listen to me! Their association with the Nazi movement must be a mistake” I exclaimed to myself. With that, I jolted up, and got typing. I sent them the article, along with a plea to change the name to something more inclusive, something without ties to Nazis or white supremacists! Just reasonable people, having a reasonable discussion.

The Backlash

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When I posted the article, I left my computer to get some breakfast. During the time it took me to toast, butter, and devour my bagel, my thoughts were racing with all of the comments I would have, all bearing interesting points, some that may challenge my worldview, and what I would reply to challenge theirs. As I raced back to the computer, and logged in to Reddit, my heart was racing from excitement. My mouth was watering from the well thought our discussions I would inevitably be having. Reddit finally logged in, and after all this excitement i see just one new message. “That’s ok,” I think to myself. “I’d rather have quality over quantity anyway!” I click on the message and read the most horrible thing you can read on Reddit.

“You have been banned from participating in PCMR”

How could this be? Why? I quickly scan the message. “Rule 7” it shouts at me, mocking me.

“What is rule 7???” I quickly click over to their sidebar and see:

Something something white supremacy

I felt myself boiling over with rage. THEY had the nerve to accuse ME of white supremacy??? This is outrageous! MY name isnt “master race”! What they accused me of is uncalled for, then they silence me! A journalist! Have these mods not heard of freedom of the press?


Stopping bullying takes understanding, involvement | Health.mil

Before my ban I was actually working on some retractions for my first article. I had done most of my research for that article with archived post. After some scrolling in the new section, I had thought that I had misinterpreted the pages purpose. It had seemed to be a more wholesome community about PC building with a few questionable meme outliers. However, after I saw how the Admins responded to what I thought was reasoned and constructive criticism, I realize my original article was all to accurate. Even if it does not show upon a first glance, the core community at PCMR is deeply problematic and they don’t want you to know that. Please spread this article around, so anyone who values freedom of the press will know to steer clear of the PCMR page. I have written an angry letter to the Subreddit, and I have also emailed Reddit. I will update you with any replies I receive

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sol duggales

You realise PC master race is a term similar to grammar nazi right? It’s supposed to show how extreme their views can be in regards to their hobbies (like trying to set up the perfect rig and how it’s better than console gaming, anything less than that and they think you’re a pleb). Instead of writing up nonsense about how you got banned from a random subreddit why not cover something more important like the protests or dissecting the issues with corruption in politics. You want to be taken seriously as a journalist, stop getting dragged into crap on reddit and do something like calling out how politicians are basically bought and paid for by donors.

sol duggales

That’s the thing though, from a certain standpoint i can get what you’re saying in your tweets and i whole heartedly agree with supporting minorities and people who come under the lgbtq+ umbrella, but you guys take things to some strange ideological standpoints. like who even managed to find offence in pc master race for you to write this article?

there are a bunch of other things too. there’s no reason for j to be included in lgbtq+, it’s something separate from gender, sex and sexuality. biden is a seriously flawed candidate and establishment dems purposely pushed support his way in order to prevent sanders from becoming the democratic nominee despite sanders having decades of advocating for the rights of marginalised groups and getting but everyone in your cluster is bashing bernie for apparently being an alt-right troll and revering biden as though he’s the messiah.

also, i find your entire network fascinating. i may disagree with things you may believe (despite being on the same side of the political spectrum) but the way you guys cover things boggles the mind


You have described nothing in your article. You’re a horrible journalist. You’re clickbait. Thank god they banned you, you never would have contributed anything worthwhile to their sub. Clickbait journalist lol


mmmyes justice for journalists froge

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