CHAZ Travel Guide

A Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone trip is a great way to de-stress and experience lawlessness for a weekend. With this list you will know exactly what to pack.

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I know I started my protest bag list with H2O as well, but that is because it’s really important. Numerous studies have shown that water is actually the most important meal of the day. It is possible that CHAZ still has yet to find a stable source of clean water, so if you bring some with you, they will be sure to let you in. 12 oz bottles of waters are best, for both the ease of throwing into trash cans, and their size being ideal for bartering. I suggest packing as much water as you can carry, but of course make sure to leave room for other travel essentials.

Bluetooth Speaker

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Who says you can’t turn the occupation of several city blocks into a party? Just add music and get the party started! I suggest a durable Bluetooth speaker.  The louder the better, you may need to drown out the sounds of the crowds. I recommend you create a protest playlist, or customize a preexisting one.

Extra Food

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Food, much like water, is important to survival. In the off chance CHAZ turns into a food desert, you should bring your own. Vegan Tuna-fish sandwiches make a great sit-in snack. Make sure to bring enough food for everyone, since you may have to give food as reparations. If you run out of food, check out this great urban foraging guide.


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Make your voice heard by any means necessary! A megaphone can be a great way to rally the denizens of CHAZ. It is also really useful if you have lost your friends in the crowd and are desperately trying to find them. Note: If you start a chant, make sure it’s a good one. Rhyming works, but make sure that your chant has no tongue twisters.


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This is probably the most important thing you can bring. Make sure that you have updated your emergency contacts just in case. Also install some fun apps in case you run out of things to do around the Autonomous Zone. Don’t forget to “Live Tweet” your trip, tag my twitter, and show the world your CHAZ trip.

Power Bank

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You may have trouble finding a place to charge your phone. Make sure to keep a spare battery charged up, just in case. You may also be able to sell the power from the battery. This, along with water are your most powerful tools for barter.

Frontier Spirit

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One of the reasons that CHAZ should be your next vacation spot is because of the rustic lifestyle it can provide. However, you need to be prepared for this experience with a healthy dose of frontier spirit. I suggest you get some jeans and possibly a flannel to get into the spirit. The brave new town of Chaz should serve as a perfect place to refuel the “Fire of the Frontier” in you. It should reforge the passion that built this nation, and give you the drive to form a new, more progressive, America.

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