Is Doja Cat Still Canceled? Yes, Because I ‘Say So’

If you a Twitter regular, you will have certainly seen the recent cancel flip flop that Doja Cat went through. I am sure you have alot of questions, and are wondering how to feel. Let me feel for you.

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What Happened on Twitter

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Recently the #DojaisOverParty was trending on twitter. However, a new hashtag is on the scene #WeAreSorryDoja. If you are like me, you are wondering which opinion is the correct one to hold. Let’s start at the beginning, we discovered her past on the alt-right hate website, TinyChat. This chat is the 4Chan of video chat sites. Soon, people on twitter discovered that this was just the tip of the problematic iceberg.

The Video

You cannot watch this video and pretend that Doja gets some kind of pass. While Doja is black, she lost her N word privileges, when she submitted to white supremacist. If this video was the only reason that Doja was only lurking on this alt-right website it may have been forgivable. However, she is actively encouraging and playing along with these racist ‘jokes’. As a result, Doja can no longer be trusted to be an agent of progress. For all we know, she could be a double agent for the alt-right.

The Song

If you were not aware, ‘D*ndu N*ffin’ is a racial slur. It is used to put down African Americans who are trapped in our corrupt prison system. It is a form of jive speech or virtual black face. Where a person is impersonating a black family member who is reeling from the realization that their kin has been falsely imprisoned. The fact that Doja would so casually drop this slur really shows her true colors. She is a racist. Just because she made a few songs you like, does not clear her of her problematic past.

The Conclusion

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If anyone wants to uncancel her, they must show how she has atoned for her past. She does not seem remorseful for her troubling racist song, and TinyChat days. As of now, she still has not apologized for any of her racist past. I just can’t see how anyone can in good faith uncancel her on twitter. If you like her songs I’m sorry, but we can’t just let people get away with this crap. If we don’t take a stand on Doja, then we might as well not take a stand on Chris Brown or R. Kelly. We can’t just pick and choose who we cancel. It is our duty to hold these artists to task, and make sure they stay on the straight and narrow.

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