Top 5 Most Problematic Joe Rogan Guests

We all know Joe Rogan is a member of the alt right, but you won't believe some of the deplorable people that have been on his show.

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5. Tim Pool

When you start a list the of most problematic guests, and your number 5 is Tim Pool, you know you are in for a bumpy ride. Tim Pool is a know alt right fake-journalist. Joe has had Tim on a number of times, including bringing him on just to harass the Head Of Twitter Public Relations, who is a Poc women. I have talked about him a fair bit on my youtube channel. Click here to watch my video on Tim Pool.

4. Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson has been on the show a total of 5 times. That is 5 too many in my opinion. The fact that Joe is letting Joe on so much demonstrates the real intentions of the podcast. Jordan is the alt-right’s biggest converter. He uses his pseudo-intellectual talking points to draw young folk in. Joe lets these people come on his show and convert his massive audience to the alt right. He lets them preach their bull for hours, unquestioned, uninterrupted. Its disgusting.

3. Anthony Cumia

It makes sense that Joe is buddy buddy with Anthony Cumia. Both are radio personalities. Both are known to be problematic and even downright racist. Anthony was so overtly racist that he was kicked off his own radio show on Sirius XM. However, he fits perfectly on the JRE, where Joe lets him spout his unfounded racial tirades. Joe even supports his new projects, showing a blatant disregard for Anthony’s justified cancelling.

2. Ben Shapiro

Joe seems to be a big fan of Ben ‘facts don’t care about your feelings’ Shapiro. I don’t think I need to tell you how Ben is problematic, as it’s self evident. Despite Ben’s reputation, Joe still invites him on the show with open arms. The fact that Joe is so open to giving a platform to these alt right bad faith actors, proves that he himself must also be a part of the alt right. I could not listen to this podcast for more than ten minutes without pausing it to scream at my TV. The fact that Joe stays stone face, during Shapiro’s rants, speaks volumes.

1. Alex Jones

Yeah you read that right. He had Alex Jones on his show. Need I say more. It is obvious why the Info Wars villain landed the number one spot. The fact that he would even give a known alt-right liar a platform is sickening. Please avoid watching the JRE at all cost. Even the non-problematic guests are just a way to get people hooked into Joe’s far right ideology.

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